The Art of Vision Board Crafting


Vision Board Crafting – Building Your Intention Muscles




Creating anything in life we usually think from our past programming. We may think it requires a lot of effort and time.  Those of us over forty still have programming that says to do anything we have to go through the traditional means and methods to be “legitimate”, “authentic” or “real”. 


What the Social Media era has taught us is it doesn’t have to be this difficult.  We can actually manifest our desires, hopes and dreams much faster than ever before in our history or our culture. Time itself is changing and using any form of a Vision Board it helps us manage the way time itself manifests in our life.  Our Divine Blueprint unfolds as we live our life but that element of free will, that part of our blueprint that we don’t have awareness of requires a cultivation of our inner renderings, our spirit, our subconscious self. There are countless words and phrases which have been used to try and explain what this thing is that defys logical understanding but which operates the best part of ourselves.  It is the part of ourselves that when we access it everything flows, we are in the zone, the zen moment what we call the sweet spot of our inner musings.  A Vision Board can put you in that mode and makes it easier to access and to maintain that part of ourselves which is the most magnificent and brilliant and it is waiting for us to ask it something.


I have named this part of ourselves we understand the least but which is the most powerful aspect of ourselves, the Intuitive Body.  I call it this because it actually is a body, it is intuitive and intuition is a quality of the Divine, so by the word Intuitive we already incorporate the Divine without becoming associated with any specific philosophy. That makes it easier to work with your subconscious and allows for an open mindfulness as you engage the process. The Body itself is a whole component of what we see as our body, the Intuitive Body is actually a part of our Physical Body that has just been left out of most our decision making processes.   This part of ourselves is playful, childlike and it wants to play with us. Vision Board crafting engages all of these components and makes it easy to lose yourself in the process with grace and ease and just watch what flows from your Intuitive Body.  A Vision Board helps you get to know yourself better, it optimizes your ability to search your own internet like system.  Our system is very much like a networked computer system. We are connected to a main server that connects all humans together through a collective consciousness. (See Karl Jung) As we use a Vision Board it is like using your individual computer to the network and culling the entire network or internet for information that is relevant just to you.  Your Vision Board can be crafted as you unique window to understand your life purpose by what you are drawn to even making your board about.  My first boards were about health.  I didn’t have good health, it was what consumed me because it eluded me so it’s what I focused on.  In hindsight I was crafting my life’s work through my journey through the land of illness.  My Visions Boards opened my creativity and I discovered I had artistic talent I didn’t know even existed.  As I purged myself of the limitations of my physical body, my Intuitive Body took off and soared.  It helped me understand and manifest the actual healthy body that existed and was struggling to get out into physical reality. Along the way I began to paint and realized I was much more than just a body.




We can treat our names, our identities as domains like the internet domains for our businesses. For example, I think of my Vision Board as www.janet.com and the Vision Board is created  accessing all of the sites I don’t yet have conscious awareness about, that’ s what I use my search engine (magazine pictures or words and phrases) for to help me discover what else I don’t know about myself. So in a way Vision Boards are our search engines.  As we begin to learn how our Intuitive Body works and how it wants to reveal to us what we don’t yet have remembrance of or access to consciously we expand and our Intuitive Body expands into our physical reality.  Think of your Vision Board as your Google.com search engine where your pictures and words and phrases are your search engine optimization process.  This is refining your processing, clearing out your database and allowing you to access relevant data that will support and help you live your authentic Divine Blueprint in the way you are at your peak, your best, what turns you on, what makes you excited, what your Intuitive Body is trying to tell you exists in there hidden away.  It wants to help you access all of these amazing qualities each of us posses in order for us to manifest the life we are destined to live.  I believe the awakening of the many and varied concepts of the Law of Attraction through various tools like Visions Boards are a signal that we as a species getting ready for a time of tremendous and ultimately positive changes to the collective Intuitive Body.  This of course is the bigger picture!


Virtual Vision Boards


There are new apps coming onto the market daily for everything from cooking lessons, biofeedback treatments to vision board applications.  Yes, you can create Vision Boards from your phone as well as your computer, IPad from the internet.  I personally like to touch and feel my pictures and words but using both mediums is certainly another way to add to your ability to manifest what you are endeavoring to bring out of your inner life to your outer  life faster and easier.


We Create Reality Vision Board App – Amazon.com




What Kind of Vision Board Should I Create?


I tell my clients all the time that  “your imagination is real”.  If you are seeing something in your minds eye and you keep seeing something, hearing a song  over and over, dreaming a similar dream over and over this is your Intuitive Body talking to you.  As you cultivate a way to communicate with your Intuitive Body you may find some inner turmoil, the symptoms that we often seek medical help for begin to ease or abate.  Vision Boards are a visual journal.  You are collecting puzzle pieces of your inner Intuitive Body and putting them in a context that you can assimilate and bring into your physical life. Vision Boards come in every shape and size, there’s no wrong kind or right kind. Journal Vision Boards are often a great place to start if you are not use to talking to your inner Intuitive Body. It can seem a daunting task and a journal done daily can be less intimidating and easier to manage. Always set a time line for its completion, like a 21day Vision Board Journal to make sure you take it seriously and that your Intuitive Body knows you are taking the process seriously.  Believe it or not your inner guide can get perturbed if you don’t follow through, so like a child who is ignored long enough it can act out and sometimes our “symptoms” are a reflection of what we either forgot, wasn’t ready for or refused to allow access.  I learned from experience my Intuitive Body is me, it is the best part of me, it wants to help me live an authentic, vibrant, fulfilled life and so talking to anyone else once I recognized that seemed a waste of my time.  My Intuitive Body has grown and developed in ways I could have never imagined.  However, be sure you are ready to take on the practice and development of this elegant part of yourself.  So don’t bite off more than you are prepared to finish. Taking it in small steps is actually better when you are first starting. Once you have had a taste of this amazing communication and search process you won’t be able to stop yourself from creating, listening and communicating with it.


The variety of Vision Boards can include any area from success vision boards, spiritual vision boards, health vision boards, relationships vision boards or money manifestation vision boards. There is no limit the only caution is to make sure you are using what you are drawn to, don’t edit your choices.  Allow yourself to pick your pictures based on your emotional response. Your Intuitive Body is highly emotionally developed. This is the core of your emotional intelligence and as you grow it to become a natural part of your outer body you will have a natural intuitive approach to every aspect of your life over time.  Make sure you allow it to draw you to what it is trying to teach you or help you manifest.  Here’s another tip!  What you are drawn to in movies you like, what stories you are drawn to read or what TV shows you like to watch is a clue as to your Intuitive Body’s personality, mission and the many and varied ways it can support you. Pay attention to the characters or story lines you like. These are another messaging system telling you a piece of your life story through your Intuitive Body’s reaction to the story or character.  Pay attention to your own mythology it is just another reflection of your Intuitive Body and your Vision Board’s many options to create.


There are people who think Vision Boards are corny or silly but they don’t understand the power of these simple, inexpensive coaching and counseling tools.  I tell my clients that journaling and vision boards are your best and most inexpensive form of therapy and manifestation of goals or dreams.




Intention Crafting- Building Your Vision Muscle

Intentions are thought of as Affirmations although there is a difference.  Affirmations are statements of your Intention’s, Intentions are the details of your Affirmations. Think of your Intentions as the book and Affirmations as the chapters of your  book.  You want to repeat Affirmations on a regular basis, as often as possible in order to train or entrain your Conscious Mind/Body.  Intentions are the Intuitive Body’s authentic messages.  You can think of them like a message center that you want to tap into and bring out those messages through your Vision Board or Journals.  Before you start your Vision Board it’s important to create an Intention.  You can start with Affirmations but  if writing the Intention seems overwhelming start with the Affirmations. If you are drawn to certain Affirmations let them guide you to write your Intention. Conversely if you are drawn to writing your Intention, use it to create your Affirmations.  I’ve included some examples of Vision Boards. There’s one here that’s I’ve included that put the Affirmations right across the pictures of the board so that every time he looked as his board there were his Affirmations.  Perhaps his Intention was the collective Affirmations written all across his Vision Boar 

I personally like to write my Intention first but there’s no right or wrong way to do it. I’m a natural writer so it’s easy for me. If writing is hard for you let Affirmations and your pictures lead the way to what your Intuitive Body is telling you.  


You can use Affirmation books to draw from or use the pictures you have cut out or chosen from your internet board or app board or magazines guide you.  Let them help you write the Affirmations that are the “Theme” of your Vision Board and your Affirmations and that in turn is your Intention.   



Get help from other sources. Louise Hay the famous author of “You Can Heal Your Life” and the Founder of Hay House Publishing Company did just this with this book of Affirmations. I spent a year of my life when I was sick using this book.  I wasn’t sure what direction to take as I was so sick that I didn’t know where to start.   Using a resource like Louise Hay’s Affirmation book until your grown in confidence and you and your Intuitive Body are communicating easily is a great way to build confidence.  There are many Affirmation and Intention sites all over the web and I’ve listed a few in my Resource for Vision Boards as well, take advantage and learn from others, make it fun and easy. This is the best way to learn, you already know everything you don’t remember that know, you just don’t remember that you know!



Resources for Vision Boards Online

www.janetloveintuitive.com – Homepage has 3 Free videos you can watch on how to build a Vision Board or a Vision Journal-


www.google.com/visionboards – examples of many kinds of vision boards / career vision board, spiritual vision board, success vision board

www.oprah.com/spirit/How-to-make-a-vision-board-find-your-life-ambition-martha-beck – article as well an app to create vision boards

www.makeavisionboard.com/what-is-a-vision-board.html – article and vision board how to

www.mindmovies.com – movies that are like vision boards along with affirmations

www.empowernetwork.com – vision board/affirmation information



Resources for Affirmations Sites Online –









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